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Roof Cleaning Services

Your expert  Roof & Gutter cleaning team
on the
Isle of Wight

  • Extend your roofs life-span. 

  • Prevent progressive water damage. 

  • Fend off algae and mold growth. 

  • Increase  curb appeal and boost property value.

It is time to unveil the beauty of your home. Our skilled team will ensure that your roof and gutters are immaculate, enhancing their durability and charm.


Excellent outside cleaning service. Hard working and efficient. Roof, gutters, patio, and driveway all 'spic and span'.


I have no hesitation in recommending Green to Kleen. My decades-old roof was returned to as new and all gutters cleared and cleaned to perfection. Very friendly and accommodating crew. Excellent work ethic. Pleasing the customer was a priority. Lots of extra miles thrown in for good measure.


Wow, what a difference it has made. our roofs look new! They did a really excellent job; their standard of work is outstanding. We couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Their communication and arrangements with the cleaning schedule were excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending them if you want a first class service!

Moss growing on tiled roof causing damage and water ingress.

Roof cleaning that removes moss & lichen growth.

Vegetation growth on your roof like moss and lichen can cause major damage to your roof. No matter what your roof covering is, keeping it clean from growth and debris can save you much in the long term.


Moss & Lichen

Avoid Expensive Roof Damage

An over growth of plants and a buildup of debris and grime not only looks terrible but can damage your roof covering and can even lead to structural damage.

Weeds growing on a roof causing expensive damage.

Trusted Roof and Gutter Cleaning Experts in Ryde, Isle of White

Water damaged cieling with mould caused by roof and gutter not being maintained.

Water Damage and Mould

Protect your home from costly internal damage and dangerous mold growth by keeping your roof clean. Our expert pressure cleaning team can ensure that your roof stays clear of debris and grime, safeguarding your property's integrity and your family's health.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home. Maintain a clean and free-flowing gutter system to safeguard against water damage, and erosion. Our expert gutter cleaning services help preserve your home's integrity and kerb appeal.

Gitter clogged with autumn leaves causing water damage.

Our Roof Cleaning Process


Roof Assessment

We start with a thorough inspection of your roof to assess the extent of the cleaning required and to identify any potential issues.


Free Sample

Next we give you a free, no obligation sample clean. You can then see our operator in action first hand, the tools he uses and, of course, the surprising results of immaculate cleaning. 



Before we start the primary clean, we take precautions to protect your surrounding landscape and ensure a safe working environment.



Green to Kleen uses a combination of soft washing and low-pressure washing techniques to remove moss, algae, mould, and other contaminants from your roof.



After a thourough clean, we then apply eco-friendly or other treatments to neutralise the growth of moss, mould and algae. This treatment even kills any spores that may be left on your roof.


Gutter Clearing

After your roof has been cleaned, all the perimeter gutters are cleared using an industrial vacuum cleaner.


Final Inspection

Once the roof cleaning process is complete, we will conduct a final inspection to ensure your roof looks immaculate.

Trusted Roof and Gutter Cleaning Experts in Ryde, Isle of White

  • Will roof cleaning cause any leaks?
    No - If your roof is not leaking when it rains, then having it cleaned by Green to Kleen will not cause it to leak. Our cleaning method ensures that we carefully regulate the water pressure used. We also take great care to avoid placing additional or excessive load on your roof, preventing tiles or waterproofing seals and flashings from cracking.
  • Is it necessary for you to walk on my roof or to use scaffolding?
    No. Expensive scaffolding is not required and we do not need to walk on your roof. At Green to Kleen, we use telescopic poles and sophisticated ladders to carry out the cleaning process.
  • Will pressure cleaning crack my roof tiles?
    Thankfully, no. Nevertheless, if any loose or cracked tiles are discovered during our pre-assessment, it will be brought to your attention in advance. However, loose or cracked tiles might only be revealed as moss or mould are being removed, in which case we will inform you.
  • Can the water pressure dislodge any rendering on my roof ridges?
    There is a possibility of dislodgement if the rendering is cracked or broken. However, this is usually spotted beforehand during our pre-assessment. Before we start cleaning, we will bring any signs of cracking or damage to your attention. During the cleaning process, we will take care to avoid these problematic areas. Alternatively, the soft-wash method could be used, which includes scraping off the moss and mould with a nylon brush on the end of a telescopic pole. After that, an industrial leaf blower removes most of the loose debris. After that, we apply an appropriate biocidal chemical spray over the entire roof, killing any moss and mould spores.
  • Can all the lichen be removed from my roof?
    Most of the lichen will be removed with state-of-the-art pressure cleaning equipment. However, some species of lichen embed themselves very firmly onto roof tiles. However, the chemicals we apply will arrest the growth of such lichen for approximately three to four months.
Man pressure cleaning roof and gutter in sunshine.

Sparkling Clean Roofs & Gutters

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Good for your home and your pocket, clean roofs and gutters look great and save you money.

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